Use African Safari Reviews To Successfully Plan Your Africa Safari

The African safari reviews and trip reports featured here are told by people who have experienced such a trip themselves so they are the informed, unbiased and independent experts.

Nothing beats being there in person for getting the real story.

The guidebooks and travel agents can give you all the facts about such a vacation but past safari visitor reviews and reports (listed by African country) give you the first hand testimony, recommendations and insights of people who have actually experienced it for themselves.

They can tell you exactly what the accommodation was like, which animals they saw, the quality of the food, whether the guides knew what they were doing, what safari clothing to wear, what to pack (complete list) and a multitude of other tips and recommendations.

This advice is worth its weight in gold due to the fact that they are completely independent African safari reviews so you get the unfiltered version of exactly what to expect on your trip.

Which in turn helps you to successfully choose between the hundreds of operators and myriad destinations available for your dream experience.

African Safari Reviews

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I've (more about me) been on many safaris myself (over one hundred now including self drives), read through thousands of trip reports and spoken to hundreds of people over the years to compile this website.

That's given me special insight into many aspects of African safaris. Things like...

The Value Of Past Experience

With all this on the spot, unbiased and relevant information at your fingertips you can choose your own Africa tour operators with greater confidence and sort through all the thousands of itineraries available to find the best ones.

And the stunning wildlife photos which all tell a story of their own allow you to experience a picture safari from the comfort of your home before you go and see the real thing. Also, please get a free copy of my wildlife photography e-book which will help you improve your own safari photographs.

If you are already planning your journey you probably have an idea of which Africa country you would like to visit but the trip reports might just give you some new ideas or consolidate your existing choices. If you are unsure about anything feel free to ask me your safari questions.

Once you have made up your mind on the country you want to safari in, learn the three simple guidelines to ensure cheap flights to Africa.