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The African safari journals blog will keep you up-to-date with important safari related events and information such as...

  • The newest and freshest safari reviews obtained by me from people who have just come back from their safari vacations in Africa. Read them to gain insider knowledge about safari trips and destinations.

  • Safari operator alerts. Every now and again it becomes evident from trip reports and forums that there are some safari companies that you will do better to avoid. I inform you about the good, the bad and the ugly in this blog.

  • Specific safari news which may influence your African safari trip such as new visa regulations and costs, park entry price hikes, weather (is there a drought or flood in the country you plan to safari in) and socio political events (there might have been a change in government which can affect your safety).

Stay up-to-date with new additions to the website including the most recent Africa safari trip reports and reviews.

Latest Posts

Giraffe Under A Tree

Cheetah Tented Camp Safari

I have dreamed of a Safari in Africa since I was a little kid who loved to watch wild life programs on TV. When my husband received an offer to work...
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Elephant Tusks

Awesome Adventure with Flash Safaris

My wife and I and our 27 year old son just returned from an amazing adventure with Flash Safaris at the end of September. I want to emphasize...
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Wild Dog

Wildlife ACT South Africa

After volunteering with Wildlife ACT in 2009, I was able to join their team as a long-term volunteer for half a year in 2013. There was no way I was...
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Make a Zambia Mid Range Top Three Safari Enquiry

Make a mid range rates and availability enquiry to the top three safari companies in Zambia...
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4x4 Adventures

4X4 Adventures Review

The best game viewing and photographic opportunities were in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area around Lake Ndutu. A lone crocodile, in one of the small...
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Elephant & Man

Elephant Sanctuary - True Volunteer Work

Although the project is centred around being a halfway home for the elephants, it turns out, the experience for me was all about the staff and sharing...
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