Safari Wildlife Photo Images Free

This wildlife photo portfolio contains the animals you are very likely to see on an African safari.

They were taken by me and other safari travellers in various African countries. My pictures are free for personal use, but for website or any other commercial applications the images are copy write protected, so please e-mail me before you use any of them for permission and to confirm which belong to me.

I've (more about me) built up this portfolio over a number of years by going on safari often. I've probably been on over a hundred trips in total now to various game parks and reserves in Southern Africa and these pictures are the result.

The animals that I haven't managed to find in the wild myself yet were taken by other photographers and posted with their kind permission.

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Wildlife Photo Portfolio

This cheetah was a star in the Big Cat Diary television series: cheetah picture

The comedians of the bushveld - This baboon proves why: baboon picture

This leopard dragged it's meal up a large tree: leopard picture

African elephants in their natural habitat: African elephant pictures

The longest neck and eyelashes in Africa: giraffe pictures

What does a lion do after it catches it's meal?: lion picture

Don't want to meet this guy in a dark alley: buffalo pictures

Mother and baby hippo: hippo pictures

This is what happens when you make a lion angry: hyena pictures

Lion and hyena mating pictures: animal mating pics

More cheetah pictures: cheetah pictures

Now I know why they call it a zebra crossing: zebra pictures

Rhino might not be around for much longer: rhino pictures

Monkey faces are so expressive: monkey pictures

The amazing, but slow, tortoise: tortoise pictures

Baby chimpanzees are extremely cute : chimpanzee pictures

This crocodile is best avoided: crocodile pictures

Very cute newborn baby gorilla: gorilla pictures

What has one of the longest tongues in Africa?: chameleon pictures

Vampires have nothing on these bats: bat pictures

Chip & Dale in Africa?: squirrel pictures

Hedgehogs here and hedgehogs there: hedgehog pictures

Are geckos the best wall crawlers in the world?: gecko pictures

Just how sly is the jackal?: jackal photos

It's a turtles life: turtle pictures

Rare badger pictures: badger pictures

The old man of the forest orangutan pictures: orangutan pictures

Does the ostrich wonder why it can't fly?: ostrich pictures

Aardvarks in the night: aardvark picture

Gruesome swallowing act by python: python pictures

Is this the biggest cat in the world?: tiger picture

Don't mess with this eagle: eagle picture

My...What large eyes you have: owl picture

So what reptiles can you see on a wildlife photo safari in Africa?: reptile pictures

What's the pinkest object in the world : flamingo pictures

Surfer of the African skies : vulture pictures

The biggest tusks around? : warthog pictures

Was even bambi this cute? : antelope pictures

Cheetah and wild dog pups: wild animal baby pictures

Humpback whale jumping: whale pictures

Monstrous Giant Plated lizard: lizard picture

The biggest teeth in the world? : shark picture

Boomslang Snakes fighting video: snake pictures