African Elephant Pictures

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These African elephant pictures were taken by me in the Kruger National Park. This is by no means the only place in Africa where opportunities like these present themselves as elephant populations are reasonably healthy in some parts of the continent at the moment.

Although they are still poached for their magnificent ivory tusks, they are fortunately still present in many wildlife reserves across southern and East Africa. Support the fight against ivory poaching by not buying ivory products and boycott any establishments that still sell them.

On the one hand the fact that elephants are thriving is a good thing but on the other is the fact that they are causing a lot of damage to their own habitat in areas where there are too many of them. There is a lot of evidence of this destruction in the Kruger Park where the pachyderms uproot trees to get to the succulent leaves at the top.

This destruction affects the other species in the area too and solutions need to be found that benefit the elephants but not at the cost of their own habitat.

Elephant Destinations

African Safari Journals lists the countries where photographs like these are just around the next dusty bend. If you want to get your own photos on safari take some advice from the reviews about where and how to do it.

Three of the best parks to see elephants are:

For armchair enjoyment, there are some wonderful books, including photographs, on African elephants. I particularly enjoy those by authors Cynthia Moss and Joyce Poole.

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