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Get the best possible wildlife photography results on your African safari using the specialized information contained in this e-book which will help you improve your safari picture efforts no matter what your current photographic skill level is.

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After taking pictures on hundreds of safaris in Southern Africa over the past 25 years myself, I've (more about me) crammed much of my wildlife photography knowledge and experience into the 41 page "Better Safari Photography" e-book for you to make use of on your own safari.

The guide will shorten your learning curve substantially and prepare you well to bring home animal photographs from Africa that are more than just fuzzy blobs on the horizon surrounded by vegetation.

"Better Safari Photography" is available at no charge to help as many people as possible make the most of the wonderful photographic opportunities that only an African safari can provide.

The book pinpoints exactly what you need to know and do before, during and after your safari trip to improve your wildlife photography results whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced photographer. Here's what it contains...

Contents of the e-Book

wild dog
  1. Introduction

  2. The Best Safari Lenses
    • Compact camera lenses
    • DSLR telephoto lenses

  3. Lens Rental and Reselling

  4. The Top Safari Cameras

  5. Safari Photography Tips

  6. Beanbags, Tripods, Window Mounts and Other Rests
    • Self drive safari rests
    • Guided safari rests
    pied kingfisher
  7. Picture Storage
    • Memory card
    • Hard drive card reader
    • Laptop
    • Portable hard drive

  8. Power and Battery Requirements

  9. Camera Gear and Flying

  10. Dealing With Dust

  11. Safari Camera Gear Insurance

  12. hippo bull
  13. Best Four Safari Photography Destinations

  14. Important Questions To Ask Your Safari Company

  15. Top 'Photographer Friendly' Safari Companies

  16. How To Edit Your Photos

  17. Where To Display Your Safari Photos Online

  18. About The Author

How To Get The Safari Wildlife Photography Guide

Simply complete the form below with your details and after you press the "Get Better Safari Photography" button I will send you an e-mail with precise intructions on how to retrieve your copy of the free e-book.

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Another Free Safari e-Book

After completing the form above I will also send you the "Safari Journal Diary" e-book at no charge. Here's what this journal diary contains...

  • A comprehensive safari packing list.
  • Tips and advice section.
  • An all encompassing wildlife tick list.
  • The opportunity to record your safari while you are there.
  • A competition entry to win a 4-day walking safari in Africa.
  • My top tip on how to improve your safari pictures.
I will send you all this information in 3 e-mail installments so please make sure you click on the confirmation link in the e-mail that arrives after you've filled in the form otherwise you will only receive the "Better Safari Photography" e-book.

Bruce Whittaker
'Better Safari Photography', 'Safari Journal Diary' and 'Guide Your Own Safari' Author

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