African Monkey Pictures

monkey eyes

These monkey pictures show vervet's as you would typically see them if you went on safari in Africa. They provide hours of entertainment with their antics and give you ample opportunities to photograph them.

You can get excellent primate pics in the Kruger National Park because the monkeys are so used to being approached by motor vehicles. In fact, in some places like the Nkulu picnic spot, they have become so used to humans that they become a dangerous nuisance.

We had stopped at the picnic spot and were enjoying a cup of coffee with biscuits when suddenly one of the vervet's dashed down from his spot in a tree, snatched the biscuit right out of my wife's hand and ran back up to his perch, to munch triumphantly on his prize.

They have become expert food thieves here and the whole monkey troop gets in on the act as they learn from each other. Apart from the nuisance value, it's dangerous because they eventually lose all fear of humans and become so cheeky that they bite someone.

And that's when they unfortunately need to be killed to prevent them from causing injury again. The problem is it's pretty hard to identify the exact animal that made the attack, so most of the troop needs to be destroyed, which is a great pity.

monkey pictures

Monkey Photography

Really all you need to do to get good monkey pictures is wait because eventually they will do something that is picture worthy. There is always something going on, especially if there are young monkeys around because they are hyperactive and never still for a moment.

So keep your wits about you, observe what's going on and be prepared to take a pic at a moments notice. I always try to get a close-up of their eyes because they are so expressive and similar in shape to ours.

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