Squirrel Pictures

Curious squirrel

They may look cute and cuddly in these squirrel pictures, but to survive in the African bush they also have to be very tough.

Not only do they face the constant threat of being caught and eaten by predators like eagles,owls, snakes, jackals, caracals and even leopard but they also have to face the real threat of starvation in the winter when food stocks get low.

But they are superbly well adapted to survive and even thrive in this harsh environment by storing food for the lean times and using their heightened senses to escape into their tree holes before predators can catch them.

Photographing Squirrels

The first thing you need is a very long lens because you will often find them high in the treetops sunbathing on a branch, within easy reach of a tree hole into which they can bolt when threatened.

Unless you can find a tame one such as in the Kgalagadi Reserve in South Africa where you can get within a metre of them before they run away. Unfortunately, the reason they are so tame is often because they get fed scraps and tidbits by people, which can lead to a dependency.

You will also have to select a fast shutter speed because their movements are very rapid and can lead to blurred photos otherwise. being so low on the food chain makes them very skittish and prone to disappearing fast.

One thing counting in your favour as a photographer is that they are extremely curious so if they do bolt you only need to wait a little while until they poke their noses out again to see what is going on in the world.

Squirrel food begging

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