Across Tanzania Expeditions

by Avishay
(Tel Aviv)

Beware from booking a trip with Hezron and Across Tanzania Expeditions.

We, my wife & I, were in touch with Hezron and the company several months before the trip & booked our safari with him from abroad.

Hezron recommend us not to find another couple that will travel in the jeep with us, because it'll barely reduce any costs. What turned out to be a lie. From conversations with other travelers in the safari it would have reduces the costs in half.

We went to Hezron because we read that he is an excellent guide. Hezron of course promised us that he himself will be our guide. But when we arrived he claimed that he had back pain (another lie which he tends to sell tourists) and he gave us another guide (a driver to be exact).

The guide was extremely dry & boring and wouldn't provide us with any information unless we were persistent & insisted on it. When we tried to explain to him that we're interested in more details on what we were seeing, he got very mad at us.

The jeep that we got was in a horrifying condition - every few miles we stopped to fill the engine with cooling water, which significantly extended the way, which is already a very long journey. When other Jeeps, form other companies, arrived to the next Safari in the early afternoon, we got there only by night.

The Jeep roof was not opened with arms but a kind of piece that comes off and need to fix it with rubber bands elsewhere, leading to a ridiculous situation when the sun came out; We were outside or inside with an umbrella over our head in order to not get burnt and when it was raining we were with two umbrellas to keep the rain out from the vehicle. When we complained about the car we were too far away to have an option to replace it.

We were the only jeep that was without a car radio, so we relied only on the senses of the guide while the rest of the jeeps were talking about and inform each other about interesting things in the safari.

When we finished the trip Hezron took us back to the airport. We told him all of our complaints. He was very kind and we agreed that when we go back home we'll sent him an email with all the problems we had and how much money we demand back. We still hoped that Hezron is a decent guy. Since then we are in touch with him (for almost a year!), with countless emails and phone calls (of course we summon them all).

Finally, he assured us that he will return us $ 600 as compensation for everything. Needless to say we didn’t got the money. Not surprisingly, he also stopped answering our calls.

Have a great trip and remember to check all these details before you close the deal.

Avishay and Avital.

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Apr 23, 2014
Avishay x 2
by: Hezron

Dear Readers,
First I would like to apologize to Mr Avishay and his wife for what they went through. I have personally exchanged several emails with Mr Avishay over the same matter.

In short, by the time Mr Avisjay was booking the safari with us, I fell sick. I had a spinal cord problem which could not allow me to travel with them. I assigned one of my drivers to travel with them. I want to make it clear that we as a company has refunded Mr Avishay $ 600 as he demanded and, we sorted out our differences and both parties are happy.

All in all, I want to assure all readers that Across Tanzania Expedition has arranged thousands of very successful safari expeditions. We feel sorry for what happened to Avishay and that will never repeat again as we have new safari cars ( Land Cruiser 4x4).

We respect all our clients no matter what and, we meet their demands on time.

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