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Flying in Africa can be expensive and added to the price of your chosen safari, the costs can soon escalate out of control. But there is a way to find the most affordable airline to get there.

Whenever I (more about me) fly I follow these simple guidelines to make sure I find the best deal available. Nothing worse than having to pay over the odds when you could have got away with paying less.

If you are visiting the country to go on safari take a look at this collection of trip reports and reviews including photos where you can get an idea of the amazing experience awaiting you.

Using the National Airline

Air Tanzania was the countries national carrier but they have been suffering operational and financial problems for a number of years, so I would avoid using them altogether until they get their act together.

Many of the major airlines worlwide do offer international routes for this country so check their websites for prices and schedules.


There are five major airports within the country and they all deal with international flights to Tanzania apart from Wawi in Pemba.

The others are as follows:

City Airport
Dar Es Salaam Dar Es Salaam International
Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro
Zanzibar Kisauni
Pemba Wawi
Mwanza Mwanza

Domestic and Charter Airlines

Flying is often the most comfortable and quickest option to get from one safari game reserve to another in Tanzania due to the fact that the road network in some wilderness areas is often in a state of disrepair or completely non-existant.

There are currently six major domestic and charter airlines operating in the country namely...

Coastal Aviation, Precision Air, Air Tanzania, East African Air, Regional Air Services and Zanair.

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