Air Flights To Malawi

Flights to Malawi ticket prices can vary according to a number of factors. To make sure you are getting the best price, just follow a few simple steps before booking.

Having lived in the UK for a number of years, I went back to South Africa for a visit once or twice a year and I always applied these rules of thumb to make sure I maximised my air ticket savings. These guidelines will work equally well for other African countries as the principles are basically the same.

If you are travelling to "the warm heart of Africa" for some sightseeing you are in for a treat because the people are genuinely friendly, the natural beauty is spectacular and the weather is idyllic.

Air Malawi Flights

The national carrier, Air Malawi, concentrates on domestic and regional flights so you will have to make a connection in either South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia or Zimbabwe if you want to fly with them from and to an international destination.

They are wholly owned by the government and are based in Blantyre.


Most international flights from Europe or other parts of Africa use Lilongwe International Airport, although a few regional flights go to/from Blantyre.

Lilongwe Lilongwe International
Blantyre Chileka

Charter Flights

Chartering an aircraft in Malawi is a reasonably easy thing to do and it's a very convenient way to get around the country. Stratos Jet and Nyassa Air are two of several companies that can be used for this purpose.

But the country is small so it might make more sense to travel by road to get to your destination. The road network is well maintained and comprehensive, allowing travellers to reach nearly every wilderness area.

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