Flights To Zambia at the Right Price

Flights to Zambia international connections are very good from Europe but how do you find that knockdown bargain ticket price for your once in a lifetime safari trip?

Having lived in the UK for a number of years but now back in Africa, I (more about me) always followed some simple steps to make sure I found the best prices when I went back for a safari or a visit. The steps ensured that I didn't have to face the situation where I'd booked a ticket for a higher price than I could have got elsewhere.

If you are flying to Zambia to go on a safari I am extremely jealous, you're going to have an awesome time. To find out what to expect, take a look at the travel reviews I have compiled from previous safari participants.

Flights to Zambia using the National Carrier

Zambia Airways used to be the national airline but it closed down in 1995 after the government essentially privatised the airline, holding it responsible for its own debts and revenue generation.

All is not lost though because British Airways, KLM and American Airlines all have regular services to Lusaka as do the African carriers, Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways, Air Namibia and South African Airways.

Update: KLM flies directly between Amsterdam and Lusaka three times a week from May 2012.

Zambia Travel Airports

There are three major airports within the country as named below. Lusaka airport is the one that handles most of the international traffic.

Livingstone Livingstone
Lusaka Lusaka
Ndola Ndola

Domestic and Charter Airlines

Flying is one of the best ways to get to the wilderness areas in Zambia because many of them are inaccessible by road. So a safari there will often include a domestic or charter flight. Proflight has scheduled flights to Livingstone and Mfuwe and there are several charter companies such as Avocet, Ngwazi Air Charters, Sky Trails LTD and Zasti air that can be contracted to fly to safari destinations.

Top Three Safari Companies

These are the best safari companies in Africa ranked by African Safari Journals using thousands of safari travel reviews.
Top 3 Safari Companies

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