Flights To Zimbabwe At Giveaway Prices

Flights to Zimbabwe can be obtained using some of the major airlines in Europe and the USA. But direct flights to Harare or Victoria Falls are relatively infrequent so it might be more convenient to stop-over in South Africa first.

This will cost a little more so make sure you have no other choice before following that option. To get the cheapest tickets, I (more about me) always follow some simple steps when I plan a trip anywhere in Africa.

If you are flying to Zimbabwe to go on a safari or visit the Victoria Falls you are in for a treat. To find out what to expect, take a look at the travel diaries I have compiled from previous safari travellers. Great stories and pictures to be found there.

Flights to Zimbabwe using their National Airline

Air Zimbabwe offers services throughout regional Africa, to London-Gatwick and Asia internationally.

But they have experienced numerous disruptions in 2011 due to the risk of their aircraft being impounded to defray debts they have built up, fuel shortages and pilot strikes. So I would avoid flying with them until they have maintained a stronger position financially for awhile.

A much better option would be to try and get a direct flight from where you reside with your favourite airline or failing that, go to South Africa and catch a connecting flight from there.


There are five major airports within the country as named below and most international flights arrive in Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls...

City Airport
Harare Harare Airport
Bulawayo Bulawayo Airport
Hwange Hwange Airport
Kariba Dam Kariba
Victoria Falls Victoria Falls Airport

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