Mophy Budget Safari

by Edward

I would like to warn your readers against a certain tour company called Mophy budget tours in Zambia, run by Moffat Fungamwango known as Mophy.

Beware of this tour guide, if you can call him a guide. This person is an expert con artist. This person created a mess with our holiday.

He promises everything and then requests early deposit in order to do the agreed reservation, but after sending the deposit he uses the money for something else, and never sends the deposit to the intended recipients. In our case most of the accommodations that he said "reserved for us" did not even know him.

He invents every excuse under the sun making it impossible to agree on something. And to make matters worse these excuses are given to you in writing, but one email promise contradicts an earlier written promise.

Obviously on telephone and during safari one can imagine what he invents, but nothing matches earlier agreements. It’s a complete mess.

Unfortunately this person is a very good habitual liar. Many false promises that turn out in nothing, except to con you out of your money.

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