Mt Kenya Altitude

by Carola

Never before had we been at such an altitude but physically we were in shape. After the second day uphill the guides recommended an additional day to go on an acclimatisation tour at the “house mountain” which was the correct decision.


This climbing tour was our first time in Africa. We did not exactly know what to expect concerning climate, altitude and food.

The most important thing is that our guides made sure all the time that our walking tempo was never too fast and we did not overreach ourselves. We took breaks and got food when we wished.

There where two guides and 3 porters.

We were picked up by van at Nairobi main station and went to Naro Moro overnight stay. From there we went via Nanyuki to the national park gate.

We climbed the Sirmion route. The climb right to the top was the hardest. It was heavy going to get breath at that altitude.

Equipment & Food

Before we started they checked our climbing equipment with a list. We had all the things we needed with us because we go climbing in the Alps. Everything for preparing and serving food was provided by the guides.

Also before we started we were asked what kind of food we prefer. During such climbing tours we do not eat any meat.

The food provided was great: bread, pancake, French toast, cheese, eggs, fresh fruits like bananas, pineapple, cookies, soup, rice with vegetables in different typical kinds, noodles with tomatoes. And very importantly: as much tea as we wanted!

The facilities on the mountain consisted of simple rooms with beds in different numbers, a sink and toilets just like you would usually find in a mountain hut.

Tips & Advice

You need very warm clothes and sleeping bags for the nights because in February the nights are some degrees under zero.

Don't go directly from Mombasa (30 degrees, 18 meters altitude) to Mt Kenya. Stay three days before climbing in nearby mountains for acclimatisation.

Carola's Mt Kenya Trek Details:

Rating: 10/10

Date of safari: February for 5 days

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