Top Three Safari In South Africa Companies

Choosing the right operator for your safari in South Africa is no easy task. There are so many of them all promising you a dream Africa trip, how can you be sure that they will deliver?

There is no way to be 100% certain of course but there is something you can do to stack the odds in your favour.

You can request the top three list below that I've compiled from independent trip reviews and the top safari guides list that I have access to as founder of the African Safari Journals and the Top Safari Guides websites.

Three major factors determine which companies make it onto the list:

1. Excellent travel reviews, both on this website and others, from people that have been on a South Africa safari with the companies in the past.

2. These companies employ the best field guides in the industry, which makes a big difference to your safari because the guide is pivotal in providing an exceptional experience.

3. Feedback from industry experts and exhibitions, forums, newsletters and travel magazines to help determine who the best of the best in the safari in South Africa travel business is.

How Much Would A Top Three Safari In South Africa Cost?

To compare oranges with oranges it is much more effective to list safari in South Africa operators by sorting them into four different rates categories.

Low season rates are typically about 25% less than high season rates. The rate indications below exclude international and inter-Africa airfares...

Lion track icon Out Of This World: Prices range from $800 upwards per person per night spent on safari.

Hoof icon Standard & Luxury: Between $400 and $800 per person per night spent on safari.

Bird track icon Budget (camping where applicable): Up to $400 per person per night spent on safari.

Request the top three list below by completing the form and I will send you all the following information for free:

  • The names of the top three South Africa safari companies in each rates category.
  • Comprehensive details of the best safari guides in South Africa.
  • An e-book which will help improve your images on safari called "Better Safari Photography".
  • A what to pack checklist for your safari trip.
  • Valuable tips to know before you travel.
  • A ticklist of all the animals you are likely to see on your trip.

All this is must know before you go knowledge, and due to the fact that it's quite a large block of information I've broken it all down into 4 instalments over 4 days to make it easier for you to digest...

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