South African Flights For a Steal

South African flights are not very difficult to find as many of the airlines worldwide offer them. But what can be a challenge is to find one at a reasonable price.

I (more about me) used to live in the United Kingdom for several years and when I went back to South Africa for a visit I always followed some simple rules to make sure I found the best prices. Nothing much worse than having to pay over the odds when you could have got away with paying less.

If you are flying to South Africa to go on safari then you are in for a great time. I've compiled a collection of safari travel diaries from previous travellers that will give you a foretaste of what to expect.

South African Flights with the National Carrier

South African Airways is the country's national airline and they have international flights from all the major airports worldwide so the chances are good they fly out from one near you.

They have been in operation since 1934 and compete favourably with other national carriers worldwide.

SA Airways also fly extensively internally but so do a few other low cost airlines that have sprung up recently, so compare prices carefully to make sure you get the best deal if you are going to travel by air domestically.


There are nine major airports within the country and six of them handle international traffic...

Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International
Cape Town Cape Town International
Durban King Shaka International
Bloemfontein Bloemfontein International
Port Elizabeth Port Elizabeth International
Upington Upington International
East London East London
George George
Kimberly Kimberly

Domestic Flights

South Africa has an excellent network of roads, and while some of them have developed potholes due to bad maintenance it's still possible to drive to virtually every safari area in the country without too much discomfort.

The problem comes in with the large distances between major city centres and wildlife areas, which makes flying domestically a great time saver allowing you to spend valuable hours in the bushveld rather than on the road.

There are currently seven airlines offering domestic South African flights and they all offer online booking services: Kulula, 1Time, Mango, Airlink, SAA, South African Express and British Airways.

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