Twilight in the Kruger National Park

by Ruwaydah Jakoet
(Cape Town, South Africa)


It happened many, many years ago but in my mind it's like it happened last weekend. I was about 8 years old, about 33 years ago, when my father took us on an adventure never to be forgotten to the Kruger National Park.

The warm summers evenings and dry air with many mosquitoes biting wherever they could find a spot of flesh.

This was my first intro to the wild. I remember the hot sand but most of all I remember one of our sunset safari drives into the wild. We spotted group of lions lazing around.

It was beautiful, the colours of dusk over the horizon with the tall trees and dry grass. We were sitting in our jeep when suddenly those lame lions woke up into the twilight zone. All we noticed was the way they knew what to do almost as if they had been schooled for what happened next.

In some nearby bushes the ranger alerted us to some wildebeest wondering around. The lions had spotted their dinner and were planning the kill.

I wanted to scream out to the wildebeest to run but I remember my mom holding her arm around my shoulder telling me this is part of the food chain which I at 8 yrs old could not fully comprehend.

It wasn't long before all natures beauty turned into turmoil! Everywhere was dust and action. The lions chased after the poor wildebeest and not long after one of the lions jumped towards the wildebeests throat and held on while the others got hold of his hindquarters and dragged him to the ground.

How can such a small animal get a larger animal to the ground I wondered? I was horrified! It was horrible and afterwards I did not want to watch. My mom said it was ok not to look but I could hear the sounds that broke the silence of that beautiful evening in the wild...

I would love my sons who are 14 and 17 years old to also experience such an adventure. Maybe some day...

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Dec 12, 2007
by: Dave Richards

Being part of a similar trip many many years ago I can certainly relate to this wonderful story! To see wildlife in all its wonder and natural habitat is what we refer to as ..seeing is believing..

Jul 29, 2010
Good memories
by: Charisse Marais, South Africa

I went to Kruger with my family when I was 10 years old, 1993 for a week. We stayed in Skukuza in a self catering cottage.

I remember driving around the park for most of my holiday, and that we saw all of the big five, and a cheetah chase an impala! We still have beautiful picutres of the wildlife.

It was just great spending the time with my family. I would really like to relive my safari experience as I was very young and will experience it differently as an adult.

Jul 30, 2010
Go to South Africa
by: Dr John D Watkins

I did several trips to South Africa over the last 8 years and visited Kruger, the Karoo, Pilanesberg and one small reserve near East London the name of which I forget. I have a friend there who guides me or lends me his car.

I stayed at Sabi River Lodge just outside the Kruger, and Pilanesberg as a day trip whilst at Sun City.

I loved it all, especially the braiis, biltong and 'bobotee'.

Typically I'd wake early and go to a waterhole or just do a general drive before breakfast. I've seen the big five and especially liked seeing TWO leopards on one occassion and the big black eagle at Karoo park.

Visited Soweto and seeing what it is really like - many big houses and the biggest surprise a SA anti-cruelty society clinic in the centre.

All safaris are unforgettable - just go if ever you have the chance; I thoroughly recommend a SA safari as a holiday.

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