Self-guided Safari Camping List

This camping list of equipment excludes clothes, paper work and other safari items. Those items are included in our safari packing list. If you're planning a camping self guided safari, the list below will help you to pack all you need.

It was compiled based on 2 people camping without unneccessary luxuries but with everything you need. Depending on your style, you may want to add a few things (like a ground sheet, or stainless steel wine goblets), or leave out a few things (like the table cloth or egg rings).

It's the camping list the two of us have perfected over the years and we find it completely sufficient for a self-catering camping safari in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. But of course you can use the list for camping trips in other parks or parts of the world.


  • Tent
  • Sleeping mats/blow up mattress/self-inflating sleeping mats x 2
  • Sleeping bags x 2 (if you're a couple, try and get a "left" & "right" bag so you can zip the two bags together) - 0°C (32°F) or even +2°C (35.6°F) is fine
  • Small pillows x 2
  • Fold-up camping chairs x 2
  • Fold-up camping table
  • Torch x 2, plus extra batteries
  • Lantern or similar camp light


  • Table cloth
  • Plates x 2
  • Small bowls x 2
  • Mugs x 2
  • Sturdy drinking glasses x 2 (or stainless steel tumblers)
  • Knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons x 2 each
  • Steak knives x 2
  • Braai (BBQ) tong
  • Egg lifter
  • Wooden spoon
  • Can/bottle opener combo
  • Corkscrew
  • Cutting board
  • Salt & pepper shaker
  • Egg rings x 2-4
  • Large bowl (for crisps or salads)
  • Small braai grid
  • Medium pot with lid
  • Frying pan with lid
  • Small storage bowls or Ziplock bags for the odd left over food x 2 or so
  • Small storage plastic containers for tea, coffee, sugar, coffee creamer
  • Dish cloth x 1 or 2
  • Dish sponge x 1
  • Steel wool x 1
  • Plastic kitchen crate with lid to keep it all in
And a few things that actually fall in the "groceries" category, but you don't want to be caught without:
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Charcoal or fire wood
  • Fire lighters
  • Matches


  • Park map and info booklet (obtainable at park gates)
  • Wildlife guide book with mammals, birds...
  • A good pair of binoculars
  • Cooler box
  • Freezer blocks (sufficient qty for the size of your cooler box) - or you can regularly buy ice at the camp shops
  • Flask for coffee
  • Cans cooler holders x 2
  • Small rubbish bag!


  • Pack of cards
  • Reading book(s)
  • Washing line (to tie between trees) & some pegs
  • A few plastic bags for wet washing/rubbish/dirty shoes

Print the camping packing list out and tick the items off as you go along to make sure you don't miss anything.

If you have any questions about anything above, or want an idea of what food to pack/a meal plan, just drop us an e-mail to ask for it.