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Gambia holidays are all about BFB. Birding, fishing and beaches. If you want to do any or all of those three things you will find it one of the best places in the world for the price.

Unlike other parts of Africa, big game has unfortunately long since disappeared from this country but you will still find hippos and crocodiles in the rivers and monkeys, baboons and warthogs along the banks.

It's in the areas of bird watching, fishing and the quality of beaches that the Gambia comes into it's own.

There are over 540 different species of bird here and because the country is so small it's possible to cover many habitats in a short space of time and therefore see a lot more.

In terms of fishing the country is a diamond in the rough because the river is relatively untouched by pollution and commercial over-fishing.

If you like your fishing in remote and natural environments where few other anglers have gone before then this is the place for you.

There are some excellent beaches to be found on a Gambia holiday so if you like spending your time lounging on white, sun drenched sands interspersed with the occasional dip in a sparkling blue sea you can't go wrong here.

There has been some concern about beach erosion which is occurring along the coast in some areas but the government is addressing the problem by investing in protection measures.

Browse through the Gambia holidays travel journals below and you will see what I mean about the birding, fishing and beaches opportunities.

Gambia Reviews

Safari Company:
The Gambia Experience

15 days in November
Julian Hughes, UK

Review Source: SurfBirds

.."Lots of good views of wonderful birds, some great people and, by visiting sights away from the coastal strip, an insight into rural Africa."...

» Gambia Birding trip

Full report

Safari Company:
Bird Safari Camp

One week in January
Richard Sheard, UK

Review Source: Article

..."The plan was to explore the fresh water reaches of the Gambia River with a team of crack anglers in an attempt to catalogue the sport fish available in the McCarthy island area."...

» Gambia fishing adventure

Full report

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