Kilimanjaro Tours Top Three

A kilimanjaro tours companies search will bring you dozens of results. So how do you successfully choose between all of them?

An excellent place to start the sifting process is learning from the advice and recommendations of people who have used the operator in the past.

If they have had a good experience then there is a better chance that you will too. It's not failsafe of course, but it is better then blindly booking with a company that you know virtually nothing about.

So with that in mind, and the access that I have (more about me) to travel reviews, I've set up a top three kilimanjaro tours operators list.

This is by no means a "be all and end all" categorization of the trekking companies available, but it does give you a base from which to start.

Kilimanjaro Tours Top Three Companies:

The list is based on the experiences of the operators by travellers listed in travel reviews around the web and others that have crossed my desk in the past. I also keep an eye on various forums and stay up to date on what is going on in the kilimanjaro tours industry.

In no particular order other than alphabetical then, the top three are...

lion  Team Kilimanjaro (reviews)
"The guides and porters were very friendly and great company. We were very grateful for the accompaniment of local people who were guides and protectors, this was fantastic for us."

buffalo  Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience (SENE) (reviews)
"SENE certainly delivered everything it advertised, and exceeded our expectations in terms of intangibles, such as relationship building and personal touch."

wild dog  Kiliwarriors

So How Much Does A Kilimanjaro Trek Cost?

The simple answer is that it varies according to your requirements. There is no "one size fits all" cost because of all the variables involved.

Do you want to go up quickly or take your time? Do you want to go by the path less travelled or the tried and tested route? In season or not? And so on and so on...

The only way to get a really definitive answer is to make a kilimanjaro tours rates and availability enquiry...

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