Best Safari Wear For Your Trip

Safari wear can be difficult to choose because the conditions that you experience on a trip to Africa could be very different from what you are used to. The guidelines below will help you make the right choices.

These facts were compiled from the online travel journal recommendations of previous African travellers at African Safari Journals and my own personal wildlife experiences.

Africa Clothing Guidelines

The saying goes that there is only one rule in packing for an adventure trip: Only take enough to be prepared and keep the really important stuff close at hand.

Now, that's a good rule to keep in mind but it hardly helps you when you are faced with an empty suitcase and an approaching flight date to Africa.

So to help get your suitcase full to the brim with useful travel clothing I've set up a few simple guidelines that you can follow.

These guidelines are generated from my own (more about me) personal experience and the tips and recommendations stored in the travel reviews at African Safari Journals.

The Biggest Safari Wear Mistakes People Make

At first glance, these mistakes might seem obvious, but it's quite amazing how many people make them. Don't you be one of them. Avoid them at all costs and you will be off to a very good start.

An absolutely essential item of safari wear that you have to take with you is a hat for shade from the African sun. You could just take your favourite baseball cap, but it won't really get the job done properly.

And then there is the matter of which jacket and vest you need to take with.

Both these items of clothing have some critical characteristics to keep in mind if they are going to make the grade.

The choice of vest becomes more important if you are a keen photographer because you need to keep all your equipment close at hand. Remember the rule...Take enough to be prepared and keep the really important stuff close at hand.

Free What To Pack Checklist

I've set up an item by item checklist of the most important things that you need to pack for your trip such as clothes, documents, toiletries & first aid and a whole bundle more.

It forms part of the free travel diary that I send out to people going on a safari trip.

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