Gorilla Safari Top 3 List

So, you want to go on a gorilla safari? Well, at some point the question of which safari company to use is going to raise it's confusing head.

It's a confusing question because there are so many of them and you have no way of knowing if they really deliver on what they promise...

Or do you?

Actually, there is a way to double check whether the Rwanda or Uganda operator you are thinking of giving your hard earned cash over to is going to perform as advertised...

How To Verify A Gorilla Safari Operators Credentials

Ask people who have gone on a trip with them in the past what the experience was like. Did they even see the gorillas? Did the company know what they were doing? How was the food? How was the transportation? And so on...

But what if you don't know anybody who has already been on a trip like this?

Ok, here's where I can help, because I do know people who have been and they have sent a travel review to me at African Safari Journals which answers most of the questions about how it went.

And based on all the trip reviews I have received over the years and prevailing wisdom in the industry gathered from forums, magazines, news clips, newsletters and networking I have compiled a Top Three list which you can get below.

Of course, there are more than three companies that offer good gorilla safaris but this list will give you an excellent starting point in your search for the best operator for your trip.

What If You Want To Plan your Own Gorilla Trek?

With the right knowledge you can do it yourself and save money in the process because it will cost less than using a safari company BUT it will mean more work and inconvenience on your part.

I have includes tips on how to plan your own independent trip so that you can make an informed decision.

Here's what you will learn: Is Uganda or Rwanda the best for a gorilla trek, the right time to go, exact itinerary details on how to plan the trip in both countries and the expected cost.

If you feel that it is too much hassle to go it alone then just use the top three list to approach the best companies.

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