Do It Yourself Gorilla Trek in Uganda or Rwanda

It's very possible to plan and organise your own gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda if you have a little bit of insider knowledge on how to do it.

It does work out cheaper to do it yourself rather than to use a safari company but on the flip side of the coin it will involve more work and possible inconvenience on your part whereas the pampering you get from a safari operator means you can just turn up and enjoy the amazing experience that awaits you.

But if organising your own logistics like permits, travel and accommodation doesn't scare you then the information you can get here will make it possible for you to enjoy a great ape expedition for way under the going safari company rate.

By the way, this information was obtained and compiled by me from trip reports submitted to the African Safari Journals website and various safari travel forums so it's first hand, objective information from people who have been there and done it.

Here's the information you need to get under your belt to make a trek like this a success.

Uganda or Rwanda - Which is the best for seeing gorillas?

This is a question that comes up all the time because you can safely visit the apes in both these countries.

I make a comparison using permit cost, the number of habituated groups, the number of permits issued per day and transportation to the national parks to try and find the answer.

Best Time to Go

It's not the most pleasant experience hiking through a muddy rainforest on the side of a mountain looking for large primates when it's raining cats and dogs.

Find out when the best months are to go temperature and rainfall wise.

Rwanda and Uganda - How to plan your trip to both countries and the expected cost

Where and how to get that all important permit and transportation plus accommodation tips, advice and costs for both countries so that you can decide between them.

Or you could use the money that you save with these tips to visit both.

Top Three Safari Companies

If after you've read through all the information about planning your own independent viewing trip you feel that you would prefer to hand over all the logistic hassle to a safari company then this list of the best gorilla safari operators in Uganda and Rwanda will help get you started.

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