Kenya Top Three Safari Companies

There are literally hundreds of safari companies to choose from if you want to go on safari in Kenya. So who are the best ones?

I have access to many travel diaries that are submitted to my African Safari Journals website and this allows me to see exactly who the good safari companies and tour operators are.

This information comes first hand from people who have actually gone on safari in Kenya with that operator so it is very relevant and unbiased.

I also (more about me) keep my ear to the ground in travel industry exhibitions, forums, newsletters and travel magazines to find out who the cream of the crop in the African travel business is.

This list is not meant as a "be all and end all" classification because there are more than three good safari companies out there but it will give you a great starting point in your search...

Safari Companies Rates Categories

It wouldn't be fair if you were trying to rank safari companies to lump them all in the same category because they fall into three distinct areas based on the rates they charge for a safari trip.

Low season rates can be about 25% less than high season rates. The rate indications below exclude international and inter-Africa airfares.

Lion track icon Out Of This World: Prices range from $750 upwards per person per night spent on safari.

Hoof icon Standard & Luxury: Between $350 and $750 per person per night spent on safari.

Bird track icon Budget (camping where applicable): Up to $350 per person per night spent on safari.

The companies are listed below in rates categories in no particular order other than alphabetical. Here are examples of some of the Kenya travel reviews that form the basis for this ranking...

Top Three Safari List For Other African Destinations

I've also compiled a list of the best three operators in other African countries like Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia so if you want to see those details just complete the form below...


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