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The Serengeti national park is one of the best safari destinations in Africa due to its amazing wildlife viewing opportunities and excellent accommodation.

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Wildlife and Birds To See Here

Tanzania Serengeti Map

The wildlife viewing here often borders on the spectacular aided by the fact that the vegetation is predominantly grassland which makes spotting animals from a distance considerably easier.

The grassland is also able to sustain a multitude of herbivores like wildebeest, zebra and gazelle which number in the millions and in turn sustains a large population of predators to feed on them so it's no surprise that the Serengeti is often referred to as "big cat central".

So lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal, jackals and hyena are seen regularly especially when the migration and calving is in full swing. You can also see some of the largest Nile crocodiles around in the Grumeti river that ambush wildebeest when they try and cross.

Birds of prey abound because of the abundance of food and Lake Ndutu is a haven for flamingos.

These Serengeti National Park travel reviews give an excellent idea of what people have seen and experienced here.

Best Time To Go On Safari

April and May is the height of the rainy season in the Serengeti National park with December and November seeing lots of thunderstorm activity where it will only rain for an hour or so.

Highlights and Activities

  • The annual wildebeest migration where up to a millions of these comical animals cross the river in search of better grazing elsewhere is a spectacle not to be missed at any cost.
  • In February - March, months before they begin their epic journey, the wildebeest give birth within a six week period to hundreds of thousands of calves, taking advantage of the sweet grazing available in the Serengeti at that time. They all foal at the same time to cause a glut of prey opportunities for the predators who make full use of the bonanza while they can.
  • Drift across the plains with a hot air balloon. The perspective you will get from up there is spectacular.

Accommodation and Facts

Size - The serengeti covers 14 763 sq km, making it Tanzania's largest national park.

Accommodation - There are a number of public camp sites but they are very basic so bring everything with you. Find them at Lobo, Seronera, Kirawira and Ndabaka.

For more luxurious Serengeti national Park accommodation there are the lodges and tented camps dotted throughout the park to consider. Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Lobo Lodge, Serengeti Sopa Lodge and Serengeti Serena Lodge will cater to your every need.

The five primary tented camps are Migration Camp, Kijereshi Tented Camp, Kirawira Camp, Grumeti River Camp and Ikoma Bush Camp.

Top Serengeti National Park Safari Operators

To say there are many safari companies operating in the Serengeti would be an understatement.

To choose the one that is going to work for your own trip is made a whole lot easier by taking a look at the Top Three Tanzania safari companies list which is compiled from journals written by people who have been on trips there before.

You very quickly form an excellent idea of which Serengeti National park safari operators are getting it right by reading the experiences and looking at the stunning photos of previous travellers.

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