South Luangwa National Park Advice From Reviews

The South Luangwa National Park is widely regarded by many people as one of the finest safari locations in Africa because of the dense concentrations of wildlife to be found within its borders.

Another factor counting in its favour is that it's still very much an "undiscovered" destination, which means there are fewer people visiting and you don't often get the sightings congestion which occurs in other popular wildlife areas.

So as a result it's more unspoiled and undeveloped and just feels more wild and untamed, the way the African wilderness used to be a generation ago.

Wildlife And Birds to See in the Park

South Luangwa Map South Luangwa supports a large variety of wildlife mostly concentrated around the river. Elephants, crocodiles and hippo pods of over 100 can be seen congesting the river.

Your chances of spotting leopard on a night drive are exceptional due to the fact that there is such a high concentration of them and lion, civet, honey badgers and wild dog are regularly seen.

The rhino is long gone from this area unfortunately because they were hunted into oblivion but all the other big game still occur here, and a huge variety of birds too, numbering over 400 different species.

Best Times for Safari Here

Parts of the South Luangwa national park are closed from November to March every year (also called the Emerald Season) due to the rain. After heavy rains the Luangwa River often reaches its banks which makes a safari close to the river impractical during these times. During the dry season the river drops dramatically and temporary camps are set up once again.

Luangwa Highlights

  • The walking safari was pioneered here in the 1950s.
  • Thornicrofts giraffe and Cooksons wildebeest which only occur here.
  • Take a look at these South Luangwa National Park reviews to see previous visitors highlights.

Park Facts

Size: South Luangwa covers 9051sq km.

Accommodation: Many of the camps in the Luangwa valley are seasonal bush camps which are dismantled in the rainy season. Camps such as Chamilandu, Crocodile Camp, Kakuli, Tena Tena and Mchenja. Despite being temporary, the accommodation is reasonably luxurious.

Best Safari Operators in Luangwa

This Top Three Zambia safari companies list will help you choose the right company to guide a South Luangwa safari. The list was compiled from advice and recommendations in the trip reports of people who have been on safari here in the past.

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