Gorillas in the Mist - Rwanda

by Greg Richards
(Chicago, USA)

Rwanda is a small country with much to offer. The gorillas come first to mind but as Greg says in his review, the people of Rwanda are worth meeting too!

The operator was excellent, they do great community work, turning poachers to benefit from tourism, Iby'iwacu Village was fascinating especially the cultural dances.

Mountain Gorillas were my dream but visiting the local communities and projects that eco-tours do, and seeing how my money contributes back to conservation was the highlight.

We stayed at Mountain Gorillas Nest which was great, though services were slow.

You should ask for a local tour operator. I would recommend Rwanda Eco-Tours, they are cheap and do incredible community work.

Mr Edwin Sabuhoro is a hero, he is doing a great job with the communities so meeting him and learning from his great experiences was a highlight as well.

I rate this safari as the best i have ever had, the interaction with local people, the dances, community walk....

Rwanda is a lovely country, very lush, green, clean and people are very welcoming.

Greg Richard's Safari Details:

Safari company used: Rwanda Eco-Tours (make an enquiry)

Parks visited: Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Date of safari: January for 12 days

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    Jun 07, 2009
    Just visited Rwanda, Gorillas amazing
    by: Simon Yew

    Hi, Greg I have just returned from Rwanda, and like you I saw the GORILLAS after seeing the KING KONG and GORILLAS IN THE MIST movie, I have always wanted to see the gorillas.

    But what made my dream a highlight is to visit the community based tourism project IBY'IWACU CULTURAL VILLAGE, run by RWANDA ECO-TOURS. And after visiting this project, I was amazed to see former poachers now dancing. I talked to some of them and they praise EDWIN SABUHORO, I had to increase my stay to meet him, seeing him was like seeing the gorillas.

    He is full of life, passion about his country and conservation, and this gave me hope that gorillas are protected. Seeing local people proud of what they have, the gorillas made me feel proud, BUT made me feel ashamed for using international tour agent when there is local tours operators doing amazing work on the ground...lesson learned.

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