In-Depth Okavango Delta Safari Information and Facts

The Okavango Delta is a safari enthusiast's paradise because of its unique situation and habitat you will experience wildlife and landscapes here that can't be found anywhere else in Africa.

Wildlife and Bird Spotting

Where there is water there is life and the abundance of water here ensures that there is a lot of game to see.

Good grazing attracts large herds of buffalo, gazelle and zebra which in turn means a good supply of food for predators like lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and wild dog.

Water birds are prolific in this area for obvious reasons and you can see a variety of storks, kingfishers, eagles, jacana, crake, plover and goose to name only a few.

Learn what other safari travellers to the Delta saw and experienced on their trips in these Okavango Delta reviews.

Best Safari Times

The rainy season commences in November and stretches to March with hot, sticky weather being the order of the day. April to October is when much of the Okavango dries up but conversely it becomes easier to spot animals close to permanent water areas.

Okavango Delta Highlights

  • Okavango Delta on a mokoro A Mokoro (dugout canoe) trip on the waterways.
  • The underground caverns at Gcwihaba.
  • A safari in the Moremi area of the okavango.
  • The San creation site and the wilderness Louvre.
  • Exquisitely woven Ngamiland baskets.

Facts and Accommodation

Size: The reserve covers an area of approximately 15000 sq km which is the equivalent size of Switzerland or the US state of Massachusetts.

Accommodation: The Delta is unfortunately not the place to look for budget lodgings. The two most affordable options are camping at Gunn's Camp and Oddball's Palm Island Luxury Lodge.

In the mid and top end range there are a large number of camps and lodges available, all situated in scenic bush or on palm islands in superb watery settings. Places such as Abu's Camp (most expensive in the Delta), Duba Plains, Delta Camp, Pom Pom Camp, Vumbura Camp and Xigera Camp to name just a few, represent the top end.

Top Three Safari Operators in the Delta

There is a long list of Tour Agents & Safari operators available for Okavango Delta safaris. But a list of names doesn't tell you what the safari will be like. So what will?...

Photographic and written reviews from people who have already been on an Okavango safari will give you an excellent idea of what it's really like and their views have been distilled into the safari in Botswana top three companies list.

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