Free Web Travel Journal of Your African Safari

Posting your own travel journal on the web when you get back from your safari trip is more than just an exercise in recording what happened, it's a very positive contribution to conservation in Africa.

Here's what I mean: your experience could be the one that inspires someone else to make their dream of going on an African safari a reality.

And the more people that go on safari, the more reason and motivation there is for Africans in the areas surrounding safari game reserves and national parks to preserve them.

They benefit directly from jobs in the wildlife areas and from purchases that safari travellers might make from them.

So you have already made a conservation impact just by going on safari but please consider contributing some more by adding your story to this website.

You don't have to be an expert writer, all you need to do is answer some questions about your trip as thoroughly as possible, and add three or four of your favourite photographs.

There is no cost to you apart from your time, and what's more your trip review will be your entry into the holiday competition that I run with an African safari as prize.

Travel Journal to Record Your Safari

The best way to recall the details of your safari after you have returned is to write down what happens while you are in Africa and updating it every day is ideal.

It's a wonderful experience to open it years later and have the memories of your once in a lifetime safari adventure come flooding back as you read it.

Some of the characteristics that a good hardbound safari travel journal should have...

  • Lightweight and not too bulky.
  • A tough and resilient cover.
  • To get a full page of writing it helps if the book can open flat.
  • A back pocket is handy to store your pen and travel documents or info.

If you are willing to take a softbound book with then you're welcome to download my free travel journal ebook and print out the pages.

It contains a comprehensive safari packing list, tips, advice and a wildlife tick list to keep track of what you see and space to write about your experiences.

And once you get back please don't forget to let me know how your safari went so that I can add your story to the African Safari Journals website to help others and advance conservation in Africa.

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