Latest African Wildlife Sightings Direct To Your Cellphone

Picture are driving along in the Kruger Park not seeing much wildlife, when you pick up your cellphone, log onto the web and get the message that there is a pride of lion feeding on a kill not very far from your present location.

You turn around, follow the message directions and are just in time to watch a massive black maned lion chase away a lioness and cubs from a carcass so that he can feed.

Now you can get access to African wildlife sightings using your cellphone.

The service is currently operational in the Kruger National, Pilanesberg, Addo, Etosha and Hluhluwe-Imfolozi parks and reserves in Southern Africa.

This electronic sightings board will help you be in the right place at the right time to see more wildlife.

Kruger Park Map Of The Latest Wildlife Sightings

To give you an idea of the kind of sightings to expect when you register for the service, I've updated some of the latest big five and more African wildlife sightings submitted by currently subscribed visitors to the reserve on the Kruger National Park map below.

Double-click on the Kruger map to zoom in and click on the markers themselves to get more detailed information about the sighting.

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Map Key - Big Five and More

Red = LionBlack = LeopardYellow = Cheetah
Pink = HyenaBlue = Elephant
Cyan = Rare Animal or BirdPurple = Buffalo

No rhino sightings appear as part of this service to help protect them against poachers.
You can help fight rhino poaching via Save The Rhino »

Free To Register for African Wildlife Sightings

This service is provided by me at African Safari Journals at no charge (free to register) and you can get the sightings information on your cellphone no matter where in the world you are at the moment.

I (about me) set the service up because I spend a lot of time in Southern African reserves myself (I'm an avid wildlife photographer) and thought that it would be ideal if a network of visitors could help each other see more wildlife by communicating their sightings to each other.

The only cost you will incur is from your own cellphone service provider to send and retrieve the animal sighting messages by logging onto the web using your cellphone. It works out at less than 1c (South African cent) per message, much cheaper than SMS.

The reason it's so cheap is because by logging onto the internet with your cellphone (using the GPRS network for the more technically minded) you only pay for the data you send and receive and the rate is much lower than voice.

Please note, I don't make any money out of this, the data fee goes straight to your cellphone service provider for the privilege of being able to use their network to surf the web using your cellphone.

I use MTN and it costs me around 1 South African cent to log on and retrieve or send a wildlife sighting, so it's extremely cost effective.

Here's How it Works

Before: You found out about the latest sightings by looking at a colour coded pin or magnetic marker on the sightings maps situated at the rest camps.

Now: Log onto the web using your cellphone anywhere in the park where there is signal and get the latest sightings. In return, you can also tell others about the lion, leopard, etc. that you saw using your own phone to add to the electronic sightings board.

All you need:

a cellphone that is WAP enabled (virtually all the newer ones are);
To register below for free;
your fingers and your sighting prowess!

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Bruce Whittaker

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