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Travel Zimbabwe and you will experience one of the most beautiful countries in all of Africa. The top four National Parks there are well worth a visit even though some of them have lost a little of their lustre due to poaching and a lack of infrastructure maintenance.

Due to political instability the game reserves here don't receive a big infusion of tourist generated cash that they need to thrive and grow but despite that they are still excellent places to visit on Zimbabwe holidays.

1. Victoria Falls National Park

The smoke that thunders. A very apt literal translation of the name given by the indigenous people to this massive waterfall which you can see from a long way away due to the plume of spray that it throws up.

It's listed as one of the wonders of the world and definitely deserves the title with the water tumbling down into a gorge about a mile wide and 330 feet (100 metres) high.

Remember to bring a raincoat or umbrella (or you can hire them at the waterfall) because you will be soaked to the skin by the spray if you go close enough in season .

You won't find too many animals in the immediate vicinity because there is too much human activity apart from the occasional bushbuck among the vegetation.

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2. Lake Kariba & Matusadona National Park

Imagine lazing around on a Zimbabwe tour on a houseboat with great food, drink and unlimited sunshine at your beck and call. Well, no need to imagine it because it's a reality at Lake Kariba which was formed by damming the Zambezi river.

You can also try your hand at a spot of tiger or bream fishing and go buzzing around islands and inlets with an outboard motorboat.

But whatever you do, don't go for a swim because the lake is home to masses of crocodiles which you can see sunning themselves at regular intervals along the shoreline.

Matusadona National Park lies along the southern shores of the lake and here you can take game drives, walking safaris and canoe excursions to spot amongst other game elephant, buffalo, lion, black rhino and a variety of gazelle.

3. Travel Zimbabwe Malilangwe Game Reserve

This is a private reserve so it has resisted a lot of the poaching predations that have plagued the other national parks in the country.

It is big five country (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino) and is run on a non-profit basis and includes the local community in its running and development.

There are only two safari lodges in this 100 000 acre reserve so you can be assured that you can enjoy your wildlife viewing in peace and quiet and this is where a travel Zimbabwe safari shines in comparison to other African countries safaris where there are sometimes too many tourists

Along with the large variety of mammal species found here there are also over 400 species of bird found here.

The dry season here runs from April to August and the rains start moving in around November until March.

4. Hwange NP

Elephants, elephants everywhere. This park is full to the brim with the big pachyderms as you will soon realise when driving in Hwange because of all the elephant dung deposited on the roads not to mention the fact that you spot them around every corner.

That's not all you will see though because there are also buffalo, hyena, lions and the elusive leopard to spot and if you are very lucky a rhino or two.

Night drives are allowed here on a travel Zimbabwe safari because there are a number of private concessions and this always makes for some exciting game viewing as the nocturnal animals are very active at night.

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