Tanzania Private Select Safari Ltd

by Keith Caverly

In full size, the eyes on the young male lion are absolutely mesmerizing.

In full size, the eyes on the young male lion are absolutely mesmerizing.

We saw the big five, and myriads of other animals. The highlight was a leopard in a tree with its kill lodged in the trunk.

Safari Operator Performance

They provided exceptional service and outstanding food.

There were four staff looking after 3 travellers.


Speke Bay, tents, Sopa Lodge in Ngorongoro.


Breakfasts were eggs, bacon or sausage, toast and trimmings.

Box lunch (excellent).

Dinner was always full course with outstanding cuisine.

Typical Day

Breakfast at 6:30AM, game drives all day every day, relaxing dinners and chat around campfire.

We had hippo, lions, baboons, buffalo roaming through and around the tents at night - a phenomenal experience.

Tips and Advice

Take a good camera, good binocs, and enjoy.

Don't forget to pack Deet and sunscreen.

Take precautions against malaria »


Learn to use manual focus on your camera. On the first day I lost several great shots due to auto-focus picking up background instead of subject.

I took with me a Rebel XSi and lenses:
    28-135 3.5-5.6 ISUSM
    17-40 F4L USM
    70-300 4-5.6 ISUSM - all with hoods

I used the 17-40 on a number of occasions, the 70-300 almost never left the camera body and the 28-135 never left my camera case. I probably could have used the 28-135 on occasion but the 70-300 really covered pretty much everything I needed.

Very little tweaking was needed on any shots. I worked a very little bit on the left-hand (shaded) side of the buffalo. The wildebeest with calf is pretty much untouched.

Buffalo in Ngoronboro - ©Keith CaverlyGnu and baby - ©Keith Caverly

Keith's Safari Details:

Rating: 10+/10

Safari company used: Tanzania Private Select Safari Limited (make an enquiry)

Parks visited: Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania

Date of safari: 12-20 February

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  • Comments for Tanzania Private Select Safari Ltd

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    Feb 04, 2010
    A bad experience
    by: Anonymous

    Without prejudice.

    We used Tanzania Private Select Safaris for a luxury two weeks in Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar, and Mombasa. It was a mistake.

    They produced an itinerary and on the basis of that we accepted the terms and paid them. Once we had paid them they claimed that they did not receive the money and that they couldn't book all the hotels we promised. We thought this was odd as the money had left our account.

    Two days before embarking they changed the itinerary, although we contracted for a luxury package they claim the one week delay in one half of the 21,000 usd payment resulted in them not being able to get the hotels. Instead they put us in 3 star accommodation yet did not refund us any of the price difference. When we got back home the money was still not in our account and we found out that the money had actually been received by them on time.

    This is a complete scam and we are commencing legal action on them. We are already placing a formal complaint with the Ministry of Tourism and Tanzania Association of Tour Operators. Since making people aware of these issues, several other people have come forward and expressed similar experiences.

    Watch out for these guys, there a lot of safari operators out there and you have to be careful of the people that take advantage of innocent tourists.

    Feb 04, 2010
    Poor choice of hotels
    by: JakeandKaren

    We paid a lot of money for this safari and there were some great times in Dar Es Salaam but Mombasa was terrible the hotel was unrated and didn't even have air conditioning.

    The tour operators were not even accessible by phone. There are a lot of better operators out there, I wouldn't recommend these guys. They don't seem to have the contacts and one of the driver's didn't even speak English.

    Feb 06, 2010
    Worst Safari ever!
    by: Gerald Wissener

    This is a terrible safari operator. We were completely cheated. We paid for deluxe accomodations and got substandard accomodation. I would advise not to use this safari group.

    Feb 06, 2010
    Do not use
    by: Nureen S

    Very unprofessional and we felt cheated at the end. We simply did not get what we paid for. It was an unpleasant experience.

    The hotels were bad even though we paid top prices and the tour guides were of a poor quality. They used all sorts of excuses to explain why the hotels we agreed on were not used. Do not use these operators.

    Feb 06, 2010
    Bad Hotels
    by: Amos&Janet

    Be careful about Tanzania Select. They will promise you certain things and not deliver. Hotels, tours, it all made our trip quite unpleasant. We have been to East Africa before so understand the difference and we were clearly disappointed.

    Feb 06, 2010
    Not the best value for money
    by: Jameel

    We got Aafez's contact from the community and we got in touch to arrange a safari for Dar es Salaan, Nairobi, and Mombasa.

    There are many safari operators and when we went on the safari we noticed what everyone else was being served and the relationship they had with the drivers. The organization is probably the smallest and the other tourists got much better service, food, and hotels.

    Please, my advice, don't go for someone just because he is from the same community. Go for the best provider. I think we got taken advantage and got left with some less than adequate services and food than what we paid for.

    Feb 06, 2010
    Bad Experience
    by: KarimAroundtheWorld

    We were also recommended to use Tanzania Private Select Safari through a friend of ours at khane. We thought because they were Ismaili they would take care of us. We had a very bad time with them, they were very much subpar in service, food, quality of drivers, lack of itinerary. On two occassions the driver showed up more than two hours late.

    We also did not even have an itinerary or an understanding of what we were doing. When we told our friend, she said she had actually never used them but through they would be good.

    I would be happy to contact you to provide you with more information. I agree they should not be allowed to operate as safari operators.

    How can I contact you.

    Karim Jiwani

    May 06, 2011
    Refering to the Comments that have been made by the Merali Family
    by: Anonymous

    I have reviewed the comments that have been made by the Merali's Family Safari
    In all the correspondence there is evidence that they were informed about safari , they paid the said amount that is mentioned.
    Being Ismails in not the factor here , the bookings were done according the the request of the family trip . But what does one expect when deposits are demanded. they are not sent in time.
    We request the Merali family to refer to all the emails and correspondence wit the mentioned safari company.The payments for the safari did come in late , the bookings with the hotels they wanted were bumped out of the hotel and lodges that were booked at.
    We request the Merali family to read all the emails very carefully once again and then see who is at fault and then comment .

    May 06, 2011
    The coments made on 6th Feb 2010
    by: Anonymous

    When I read this comments that have been written on 6th February 2010
    I was on Safari with Afeez! its not my 1st Safari with Afeez ! it was my 4th safari with him as we were driving from Mwanza with him. This safari took place in December 2009.
    I reside in Canada and have never seen a crazy safari like the Merali's have made. This was a family trip 3 sons and there parents !!!
    This safari was a hop skip and jump safari. It says that they did a safari for 2 weeks !! its totally wrong.
    Can you imagine at the peak of the Season even after the Meralis were told that the lodges are full and they wanted Serena lodges and there payments did come in late and they were bumped out of the lodges they were booked at . Still they tough that this is TIA ( this is Africa) that every thing is possible.
    Well it does not work that way !!! the payments came in late they were informed and they did not accept it.
    They did send a few lawyers letters from there lawyers in some part of Arabian State. Tanzania Private Select safaris did send them a copy of all the correspondence of all the Email and they saw that they were at fault and kept quite. At the Same time they demanded US $ 5000.00 as refund. Tanzania Private Select safaris was ready to pay this payment but first they had to go through all the correspondence. Only to find out that they were at fault !!!! They were informed every thing and they gave it a deaf ear. Hence they kept quite
    Now they sit and complain.We can provide all the email correspondence as proof and then see who is wrong

    May 07, 2011
    Do not book with Tanzania Select
    by: James Glider

    We had a very bad experience with Tanzania Select. It looks like several other people who commented went through the same thing. I wish I had seen this posting before. In sum, we were put in poor accommodation, had pretty poor guides (some who didn't even know the area they were taking us around). When we confronted Tanzania Select, the owner Afeez didn't even return our calls and then proceeded to make excuses. The whole experience comprised what should have been a memorable trip.

    May 07, 2011
    Camping safari
    by: Elvira

    3 years ago we spent some nights in the private Select camp of Tanzania Private Select Safari. Everything was just great. Staff attentive, food excellent, tents lovely. Was a great time in the middle of the bush.

    May 09, 2011
    21 days of safari with TPSSL
    by: Safari Guide

    How can someone write all this crap!!!! I have been guiding in Africa for the last few years and I am a South African Safari Guide. The First Safari I did with TPSSL was in 2006, I met Afeez via the net. I came with a group of 7 South African to do my 1st Select safari that was for 14 days. I had to tell Afeez that he has spoiled the South African Way of Camping (meaning that it was so much better than the way we camp in South Africa !!!! ) I organized the Select Safari Camping out of Africa Style using Special Campsites in the Serengeti National Park .
    I would like to comment the Safari was Tailor made to our needs The food was so much better then what we had in the Lodges.
    We Did Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park & Ngorongoro Crater then we flew to Zanzibar
    The Climax of the first safari was Select Safaris in Serengeti National Park
    It took us back in time and made us feel in paradise
    The food in the camp was a 5 Course meal that was cooked in the open fire , we had a crew of 6 from Waiters ,Tent attendant and Camp assistants
    We were totally spoiled (our biggest complain was TOO MUCH FOOD!!!!! I mean Great Food)
    From 2006 I have come back to Tanzania more than 5 times with my clients from Mexico & USA
    I will be honest with you I have more groups that will be visiting Tanzania from July 2011 when the new season Starts in Tanzania
    He is honest and goes by the book. If things cannot be done he will tell you up front. That is the thing that I like about Afeez
    I do not believe this Comments the people have written above this is one way of spoiling the reputation of someone who is straight and honest!!!
    I will never book my safaris with TPSSL if Afeez was not honest!!!!

    Mar 04, 2012
    Safari with TPSSL for the 2nd time
    by: Anonymous

    Dear Reader
    I have just got back from my 2nd time safari with Tanzania Private Select Safaris in two years.
    I had the same Safari guide who I had in 2011, Hugo Malya
    We did 14 days 13 night Safari ( Select Camping safari)with private Campsites and crew in the Serengeti.
    Group size was family of 4 , we had a crew of 3 in the Serengeti. Where we stayed for 6 nights.
    This time it was to catch the greatest movement of about 2 million wildebeest. The Great Migration.
    This safari has made me book again for 2014.
    This time I want to come with friends and experience this great spectacle in the world. The Great Migration
    I have never seen any thing like this before.
    I want to Thank Aafeez with all the communication he did and requesting us to postpone out trip by 3 weeks as we were flexible . Thank you so much Aafeez it was a wise thing that you made for us.
    If it was not for this change we would have not seen what we saw on this trip. Thank you so much Asante Sana!!!! The trips has been worth every sent that we have paid you
    Keep up the good work and you will be seeing us again

    Mar 15, 2012
    Our Safari Experience
    by: The Shoppe Family

    This is Hank and Miranda Shoppe we took our family of three children to Tanzania for Safari. The Ngoro Ngoro crater was incredible, the kids really enjoyed seeing all the animals and it was a very interesting trip.

    There are many safari tour operators out there and Tanazania Private Select Safari is a pretty average operator. We paid enough money to organize the trip and were disappointed with the quality of hotels.

    We were even left waiting for two hours when the driver didn't show up, the kids got quite upset as we were all hungry and ready to get started on the day. They were very professional when communicating by email but when we got there its just not a first rate operator.

    Go to Tanzania, enjoy the experience and all the treasures that beautiful country has to offer. Choose a different tour operator it will make a difference and allow you to enjoy your trip even more.


    Hank and Miranda Shoppe

    Apr 17, 2012
    2nd Post
    by: Jameel

    I just checked this post and found out that the tour operator, Tanzania Private Select responded to my earlier post. I looked at the number of postings in this forum and I am pleased that other individuals/group who used the tour operator agree with my assessment that the tour operator was a poor choice. This makes me realize that companies like this cannot get away with ripping customers off and that it is my civic duty to inform the public of this kind of operation.

    I was relieved to see that Tanzania Private Select Safari responded to my query but I was surprised at their message. I would have expected the operator to apologize for the shortcomings of their service but instead found them to be unapologetic, defensive and completely unaccountable for their poor service level and misrepresentation. I want to take this opportunity to wish Tanzania Private Select Safari all the best in their business, I am sure that some people may have found their experience enjoyable. However, I will never use them as a tour operator or recommend them in good faith to anyone of my relatives, friends or business associates. If you are ever to book with them beware. I was fooled, I hope you don't get fooled either.

    To Tanzania Private Select Safari - treating your customers like this and misrepresenting your offering is not a sustainable business model. You won't be in business for very long if you continue doing this. Use this comment as an incentive to change.



    Oct 13, 2012
    False Commnets !!!
    by: Aafeez Jivraj

    My Name is Aafeez Jivraj
    I am the founder of Tanzania Private Select Safaris
    The mentioned comments written by

    • Jake and Karen
    • Gerald Wissener
    • Nureen S
    • Amos & Janet
    • James Glider
    • Shoppe Family

    The above names of people who have written this comments have never done a safari with us TPSSL
    This is all affiliated with Jameel Merali who did a safari with us in 2009
    A family of 5
    Parents from Canada who lived in Moshi in the 70's
    Two sons who have been graduated Graduated from Howard University and Cambridge University and the 3rd son from the USA I think from New Jersey
    They had a Safari Itinerary that did not make sense at all.
    They were warned about what they were doing but never thought about it !! Too Many agendas in very little time !!!
    Even when they were warned they did not consider it !!!
    They send me a Lawyers notice from Dubai !!! when there lawyer was sent all the documentation and correspondence of there claim that was 110 pages long
    We never herd from them again
    Now they have come up with a scam of spoiling the name of Tanzania Private Select Safaris

    Thank you

    Aafeez P. Jivraj
    Director of Operations / Safari Consultant / Safari Logistics
    Tanzania Private Select Safaris Ltd

    Dec 24, 2012
    14 days on Safari Cross Country Northern Tanzania
    by: Anonymous

    Was planing a trip to Tanzania after 40 years of departing from Tanzania!!!
    My parents and 3 siblings departed from Tanzania in 1972 after nationalization.
    I was just 10 yrs old than
    After my two children finished their University in studies in Canada, I had made a deal with them that I would take them to Tanzania and show them where it all started
    I was given a contact by a friend who has invested in Tanzania I should get in contact with a person by the name of Aafeez Jivraj, which I did and gave him a program of areas that we would like to visit.
    My wife was born in Tabora, I was born in Arusha and we wanted to take our kids to this places
    We sent him all the details of what we wanted to do. 5 days later we had a detailed program and Itinerary.
    It was perfected to our needs!!! This made us excited
    Our Northern circuit trip took us to Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Babati, Tabora, Mwanza, Serengeti National Park and it ended by visiting Ngorongoro Crater then coming back to Arusha after 14 days
    We stayed at Tarangire Safari Lodge for two nights
    Serengeti Sopa for 4 Nights and 2 nights at Ngorongoro Sopa .
    The tip was so well organised by Aafeez Jivraj of Tanzania Private Select Safari
    All in all we did get to see the Python that was coiled up on a tree in Tarangire, The Migration in the Serengeti National Park and last of all the last of the big five the Rhino in Ngorongoro Crater
    I would like to thank Aafeez for a job well done and giving us one of the best driver guide one can imagine Godson who we called him son of god!!
    We as a family trip have had a trouble free safari with TPSSL
    Now that I am back in Canada I will recomed Aafeez Jivraj to fellow Canadians who are planing the same trip (in a way)
    As it a tradition with us Ismalis top take our siblings to show them where it all started from.
    Thank you Aafeez, Thank you for a great service
    God bless and hope to see you in Canada soon!!!

    Feb 08, 2013
    Thank you for the amazing drives :)
    by: Anonymous

    I did a 5 day-camping safari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro with this company in Dec., 2012, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.
    I've seen wildebeest migration, two male cheetas, two black rhinos, two leopard cubs in a koppie, two leopards in trees, countless numbers of lions (including one pride climbing up and down a tree and another on a buffalo kill), countless numbers of hyenas and a myriad of herbivores, which was unbelievably lucky in the light of my own volunteering experience in a private game reserve in South Africa for two months.
    In addition, director (Aafeez) and coordinator (Mike) were very attentive and helpful throughout the whole procedure, 4 other people whom I was grouped with were very decent, guide (Hugo) was knowledgeable and careful with driving, tents were big and strong, and food was delicious.
    In a city flooded with street touts and too much information, one who travels on his/her own (like I did:)) might find it very challenging to figure out which is a reliable tour operator.
    I believe this company would make one of the most reliable options in the city and I'd like to take
    this opportunity to thank them for the amazing trip :)

    C Lee
    South Korea

    Sep 09, 2013
    Great Experience!
    by: Eva (Barcelona)

    Tanzania Private Select safari organized our 5 days safari (Manyara, Serengueti ans Ngorongoro). Since we arrived to Arusha they were very helpful with us. Our guide Dicson is an experienced guide and our Cooker, Msuya, a great chef ;). Everything was perfect and we really enjoy it!

    Jan 02, 2014
    Avoid at all costs
    by: Jameel Merali

    Tanzania Private Select Safari sub-contracts their work to Bongo Tours which means that they are the middlemen and charge their margin over what Bongo would charge. Hugo is great at Bongo tours deal directly with them. Do not be fooled by Afeez's quick email replies, you will find that the service when you get there is a complete departure from his promises. Afeez Jivraj is running a questionable business with unfulfilled promises and there is already a formal complaint registered against Tanzania Private Select Safari Ltd. with the Permanent Secretariat of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. Please feel free to contact the Ministry directly to verify this. Given the number of people who have been unsatisfied we are bringing together the complainants to press for a formal legal action requesting cancellation of their business license. Tanzania Private Select Safari Ltd should not be operating this business they give the community a bad name. Please personal message me or post on the board with your email address and I will add you to the legal action.



    May 26, 2014
    Jameel Merali Comments
    by: Anonymous

    Jameel Merali
    You did you safari with your family of 5 in 2009 January (3 bothers and 2 parents )
    what you have mentioned is all lies.

    You even forgot the name of your driver guide
    Not to mention that when you stayed at Hotel in Mombasa that is a luxury hotel with the same standard as Mombasa Serena.

    You did not even pay your Bar bills in Mombasa
    Do you recall that ????

    You are complaining when you were warned about you Itinerary and delay of payments.

    I even mentioned to you all that you have been bumped out of the Serena Lodges because of delay.

    At one point in the swift instead of the swift being DTKETZTZ you wrote DTKET2T2
    Now tell me whose fault is that?

    You are complain when the fault is on your side ( you do not see that )

    Aafeez Jivraj

    May 30, 2014
    Our Special Trip to Nasera Rock (NCAA)
    by: Caroline Schilling

    This was my 4th trip to Tanzania with Tanzania Private Select Safaris.

    On my last trip that was in December 2012 I asked Aafeez if there was a chance to see the African Wild Dogs in our trip ?

    A tough question he told us but this all depends on your luck.
    There have been sightings of them in Tarangire National Park and in Ngorongoro Conservation Area

    We then received a call from Aafeez in December 2013 that there is a sighting of 5 African Wild Dogs in an area that is hardly visited on the border of Ngorongoro Conservation and Serengeti National Park.

    He told us it’s a pack of 5 dogs and one of them is pregnant.

    We arrived in Arusha on the 25th of April 2014
    Spent a night in Arusha then flew to Serengeti National Park, met up with Hugo our driver guide for the last 3 trips to Tanzania.

    We did our share of game watching in Serengeti then on the 5th Day of our trip Hugo took us to Nasera Rock via Ndutu Woodlands.

    It was dry and dusty , a few Thomson Gazelles here and there mixed up with Grant Gazelles
    we passed the Shifting sands then got a Radio call from Aafeez who was at the camp asking our location ?

    Hugo mentioned Mchangani (shifting Sand)
    he then got the direction were to meet Aafeez as he was leaving camp with Sepeti ( Maasai boy who is the Wild Dog Guardian of the area ) who has kept a tag on the Wild Dogs at Nasera Rock.

    I was so excited that I told Hugo to step on it . We got to the den site and saw the 4 dogs on the run , They are off for hunt , the light was not good but we will be back here tomorrow very early before sunrise.

    For the next 4 days I spent unlimited time with something that I wanted to watch for a very long time. We were the only vehicle at Nasera Rock
    I have taken over 2000 pictures of the Wild Dogs.

    My dream was fulfilled to watch 5 African Wild Dogs with 3 pups. On the 12th of May 2014 Aafeez send me a link, saying the dogs were moved to Serengeti National Ark as they had started to take on the Goats and the Sheep of the Maasai as there was no wildlife around the area.

    We Have had a great safari with Tanzania Private Select Safaris and will be back to see some more wildlife in Tanzania.

    The food in the camp was better than we had in the lodges. Can you Imagine Atanas made us a Cheese Cake in the Wild African Bush.

    Keep up the great safaris that you do Aafeez

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