Masai Mara Reserve Safari

Siggi is a self confessed Afriholic (one who is addicted to Africa and can't stay away) and this is her second trip to the beautiful and wondrous Masai Mara reserve in Kenya which she just can't get enough of.


Kicheche Camp where you stay in luxury tents with en-suite bathrooms which are located in secluded positions overlooking the plains and the hills. The camp is small and intimate accommodating no more than 21 guests at full capacity.

Trip Highlights

It was wildebeest migration time in the Masai Mara reserve and all the excitement and pandemonium associated with it. Siggi watched as over 1000 wildebeest waited for the right moment to cross the river and then plunged forward in one heaving mass at some invisible signal (just like in all the documentaries only better because this is live).

A young wildebeest was dragged under the water by a crocodile that was waiting to ambush the crossing antelope. It looked hopeless for a while but somehow the gnu managed to break free and dragged itself up the opposite riverbank. The crocodiles have so much food at this time of the year that they slow down a little but instinct drives them to keep trying.

Spotted Kike, the cheetah star of the BBC documentary "Big Cat Diary" in her favourite lookout position on the roof of a 4x4 jeep and a baby cheetah so young that it still had the crown of silver hair covering its neck and head.

The resident lion pride consisting of 3 females and 8 cubs killed one of the Masai cattle but the herders retrieved the body while the female lion went back to fetch the cubs and only left the head. In the normal course of events the Masai would have killed the lions because cattle are their wealth but luckily they realise that the big cats bring in tourist dollars so they leave them alone.

This is a summary of Siggi Hosenfelds full Masai Mara Reserve journal with stunning photographs.

Tips & Recommendations

  • A small, intimate camp like Kicheche is great for meeting new friends and you don't get the feeling that you are lost in masses of tourists.

  • During the wildebeest migration there is so much to see and experience that the normal safari rhythm of morning and afternoon drives are replaced by all day drives with stops for breakfast and lunch and returning to camp in the late afternoon.

Safari Location: Masai Mara, Kenya
Safari Company Used: Kicheche Camp
Duration: One week in September
Traveller Details: Siggi Hosenfeld, USA
Rates & Availability: Plan your own safari. Make a Masai Mara Reserve enquiry

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