Freedom Africa Safari Review

by Sandy Greenwood

I left a little of my heart in Kenya, you can't help it. I feel like I was part of it and you are loved there not only by the people but by the animals. It's the absolute best and I am definitely going again next year. If I could I would go next week.

Safari Operator Performance

Freedom Africa (guides Rhino Safari). I did the Kenya Highlights tour.

They were most excellent; great itinerary and great performance, no delays, no hiccups and everything went as planned with prompt pick-ups at airports and intensive and outstanding assistance.


We stayed one night freetime at the Jacaranda Hotel in Nairobi and even went out alone for a meal and a drink - no problems, the Kenyans were wonderful.

Lake Naivasha Lodge - outstanding, absolutely beautiful.

When we opened our curtains all we could see was giraffes, Thompson gazelle and Zebras... now that's a view you don't get anywhere else.

Mara Simba Lodge Masai Mara - absolutely gorgeous.

Hippos galore up close and personal. Even spent one of the nights on the balcony watching and listening to them swimming and walking about OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW under the porch.

Accommodation brilliant, truly beautiful and with a true essence of Kenya. Didn't want to leave, would even have set up a tent there ... amazing.

We did that for 5 days on safari, then on to Mombassa and stayed at the Papillion Lagoon Reef on Diani Beach for the last 4 days of sun, sea and good food - lobster as big as my table... yum.

The staff was brilliant and very attentive; lots to do and see. We went to Ali Baba and the Forty Thief Restaurant about 10 mins up the road - it was lush dinner on the beach and then watched the sun go down and the hundreds of crabs rushing for the cool clear water and we ran with them (being careful not to tread on any).

Wildlife and Masai People

We saw all of the big five and more - cheetahs, leopards and hyena. We saw leopards on two consecutive days which was outstanding.

We got kissed by giraffes at the Karen Blixen centre - it was wonderful. I even stroke a rhino and tickled his ear; what an experience. Also followed around by a wild boar and saw the rescued baby elephants at David Sheldrick foundation.

The Masai tribes dancing and jumping up and down, even got an invite to stay the night in the village - definitely will stay overnight next year. I even got a bracelet from a Masai chief. He was wonderful but very tall so we would have looked like little and large LOL.

Tips and Advice

Don't bother - let the experts do it for you. Tell them what you want and they will assist especially Freedom Africa - they adhere to your every wish and fulfil this to the max and to be honest by the time you did organise all your different safaris it would cost a fortune why bother.

The Masai Mara is the best and an absolute must. When you have done this nothing compares.

Please visit the Karen Blixen centre and David Sheldrick centre just outside Nairobi. It's around KS700 which is approximately 7 quid for a day to remember.

Don't take too many clothes. Take shorts T-shirts and maybe something nice and cool for the evening.

Just relax and enjoy the weather - it's hot.

Sandy's Safari Details:

Rating: 10/10

Safari company used: Freedom Africa
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Parks visited: Lake Nakuru NP, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara in Kenya

Date of safari: 1-13 November 2010

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    Nov 20, 2010
    Sandy Greenwood Freedom Africa
    by: Stephen Greenwood

    Wow, my wife has told me all about the Kenya adventure she had and believe me she has come home a changed person. If this is the sort of holiday that can actually transform someone you love into the person you now love more then I would advise everyone to go.

    The photos she has showed me and the smile on her face when she describes to me the adventure she had "Tells all" her bright eyes beautiful smile and the excitement of her 5 day safari to the Masai transforms her. Her love of wildlife explained in a way that actually makes you feel you were there also.

    This certainly is a holiday that I would recommend and Kenya and Mombasa is definately a must. In fact I think I might brave me fear of flying and join her in 2011 to visit Lake Navisha, Rift Valley Masai Mara safari and the beach holiday at the end at the Papaillion Lagoon reef diani beach mombasa.

    Nov 22, 2010
    Love of Kenya
    by: Debbie Trocanowski

    What an experience, what photographs, what adventures, a vacation that everyone should consider and decide YES I want to go.

    My friend Sandy has explained in precise detail this beautiful country the wondrous animals the wonderful people and the MAGIC that Kenya holds and draws you back too. Just listening to the adventure makes me want to get on a plane and go.

    She commented on that words could not prevail what she had seen and done the fantastic wildlife seeing them in their glory and natural habit, sleeping at night at the Mara Simba Lodge listening and watching Rhinos beneath her window the tenderness and love of a huge Rhino with her very young baby sleeping "the baby resting on her stomach" OHHHHH want to be there so much.

    The dancing Masai people with their welcoming dance and the happy and cheerful faces of the children. Sandy can even make fire taught to her by the Masai tribesmen. Go enjoy, be magical, endure the beauty of this wonderful country because I definitely want to.

    Nov 25, 2010
    Sandy Greenwood
    by: John Major

    Wonderful what an experience. Photos are brilliant and I know there are hundreds. Sandy will definately be going after your amazing views and comments if I am as overwhelmed as you were then all worth while. Really must go to Masai Mara as you stated and get up close and personal

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